GEM Learning Center provides help for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities in Wausau, WI

Is This YOU or Your CHILD?

Struggles with Reading, Writing, Spelling and/or Math, Dyslexia. 

Skips the small words like; for, and, a, the 
 “I hate reading”

Autism Spectrum Disorders


Learning Differences

Free Online Dyslexia Assessment

dyslexia assessment

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FREE Presentations

free presentations

FREE Presentations to Learn More About Dyslexia, ADD, Autism: Click Contact Anne button below to RSVP.

ATTENTION Parents of Struggling Students!! 3 keys to minimize frustration and maximize academic success.Attend this presentation to understand what the your child's learning style is, how you can advocate for him/her in the school setting, and how your loved one CAN achieve success. All ages welcome!

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 @ 6:30.
Washington Square Building
300 N. 3rd St. Wausau 
Room 214A



Stepping Stones-Beginning Steps to the Davis Autism Approach Program.

A workshop specifically created for parents, caregivers & support persons of
younger individuals with ASD and for those with limited language.

 TBD call if interested

9:00-4:00 @ Northcentral Technical College Business & Industry Building

Cost: $499 Includes most materials. You have the option to take the workshop for a renewal education credit.

Davis Life Concepts for Autism is a 5 day workshop for high functioning autists with a support person as well as parents, caregivers & support people for ASD individuals. Contact Anne for more information.



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Feb 19
FREE Talk: ATTN Parents of Struggling Students!!

FREE Talk: ATTN Parents of Struggling Students!!

Come and learn the 3 keys to minimize the frustration in your household. When a student is struggling, frustration oozes out of everyone-the student can't seem to finish homework during school and has A PILE of it at night. The parents can't understand why the student CANT FOCUS and complete (more)

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