Hailey stated, “I can read better with my alignmen-t than when I don’t have it.”  

Hailey's teachers immediately saw a higher confidence level.

Tanner said, "My handwriting is better when I'm on my point."

Mom said that Tanner is working more independently now.

Katrina said, "I don't guess at the words anymore."

Katrina's parents said, "This is the most excited she has ever been about learning."

Her mom has actually had to tell her to stop reading and go to sleep many times. Dad says, "This is how I remember my childhood and exactly what I was hoping for when I approached you."  

As a senior in high school, Katrina is applying for colleges in physical therapy. Her high school years have been a huge success.


Curtis said,  "I know I've gotten smarter." 

His mom stated that he has a higher self-esteem now and wanted to come each day.

Curtis achieves all A's & B's as a freshman in high school today.

Kevin said, "I thought I knew what concentration was, but I really didn't. This (using his point) is what I call focus." 

Mom stated that he organized his whole room after the program.

Matthew said,  "I can do more stuff than I use to like balance, writing and reading" 

Mom said that he wrote an entire assignment during his school study time, which he'd never done before the program.


Logan stated "I have complete control of my pictures and I'm better at math."

Logan's parents stated that when he's using his tools, he can complete a task without being prodded.

Chris stated that he can "finally absorb material when it's spoken to him".

Chris is about ready to graduate from college now with a GPA of over a 3.5!

Sally said, "Thanks to you and the Davis program, I have achieved A grades in my college courses.  Using the "on point" tool helps to get my mind focused and ready to learn new information.  Being on point also helps with recalling information in order to get high grades on tests."


Video Testimonial with my client Anna and her mom Erin

Piper was in 6th grade when she came to the GEM Learning Center.  She worked really hard for her B & Cs then. Now she is a senior in high school and has achieved many semesters with a 4.0.  She's recently been accepted into an elite school in New York and has been granted scholarships.  

Her mom said that the Davis Dyslexia Correction Method helped Piper immensely in her study skills.

This is an essay that was recently written by a student I worked with about 7 years ago. His name is Zack.

"One major obstacle I have overcome in my life is one which most people take for granted. The inability to be able to read held back my potential as a young student. They thought I had bad eye sight, really I couldn't read. Throughout school I spend extra time before, during, and after school with teachers and tutors further developing my reading ability. I recall on one occasion spending one week studying words which are similar to like, as in bike, and hike. And how to remember that they are spelled -ike and not - ick. As I continued, grades in school were only average, or as I saw it a disgrace to my name. Every year each teacher would make comments how to improve, mine was consistently reading. Finally in eighth grade I was offered to attend a program a friend of our family was starting to teach (Davis Dyslexia Correction Method). Taking two weeks from school to be enrolled in this program my grades were still average. At the beginning of the program we set goals, including improvement of my handwriting, however most importantly reading and understanding. This required much mental exertion with the result that by the end of that school year I had straight A's. Breaking through this barrier opened the whole world for me. Now I am not only reading English freely but also Russian, after only one year speaking and understanding the Russian language."


On my slide show you'll notice two pictures of Maximus.  The first one (in the red shirt with his name in clay letters) was taken early in his program (age 10).  Notice how his eyes aren't focused on the camera. He asked a constant borage of questions, but never really understood the answers. Notice the other picture of Maximus in the blue shirt with the model of "right". He's now age 11.  In that year he worked with me, he advanced close to 5 years in development.  He is now participating more fully in life.

Kelsey, age 22, came to see me along with her mother.  Kelsey was having melt downs almost every day.  Trips out of her home were anxiety ridden.  She was on a lot of medicine just to keep her safe.  After about 2 months of working with her using the Davis Autism Approach methods including using the NOIT device, she rarely has meltdowns. She can go outside of her home without mom and be far less anxious. When working with Kelsey the other day, Mom exclaimed that she has learned more from these methods in 2 months than she has in her whole 12 years of schooling!  This work is truly amazing!!