Dyscalculia: some difficulty in performing some aspects of arithmetic or mathematics.

Acalculia: cannot perform arithmetic at all.

A primary obstacle that prevents some individuals from learning math is the way the subject is taught.  Typically, instruction is centered around language and verbal conceptualization. But arithmetic and mathematic principles and functions are not inherently linguistic, they are pictorial.  They can be visualized very easily, even when the concepts are difficult to explain in words.

At the GEM Learning Center, Math is learned through the use of clay.  Models are set up and concepts taught through creative processes and mastering concepts. This will assist the student in eliminating the causes of the blocks to their learning Math.

See how one can learn math this way?  7 x 4=28 Count over 7 and lay a rope. Count down 4 and lay a rope. How many balls in the square?  Division can also be learned this way.